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Ron Lester arrived in Vietnam as a 2nd Lt copilot the first week of July 1967 and was assigned to the 459th TAS, Phu Cat AB.He spent approximately eight months of my 12 month-tour flying from the 459th Detachment at Da Nang, so over 95 percent of his flying time was in I and II Corps. His first flight as a copilot was 17 July 67 and last flight as an aircraft commander was 22 June 68. He was promoted to 1st Lt on 20 September 67 and completed his aircraft commander check ride 1 June 68. Thanks Ron for your service and these great photos.
Airdrop Cargo Airdrop Troops north of Da Nang Over Quang Tri City, finger of land is north of DMZ Enroute In traffic pattern at Da Nang
Over the beach Straight and level Short final Landing at Khe Sanh Fall 67 Khe Sanh fall 67
Takeoff at Da Nang  Takeoff run at Quang Tri City  At Kham Duc, Ron's first flight in-country  Run-up at Da Nang KE 721 off-load Minh Long
KE 442 Mud bath KE 146 off-load Minh Long
Hue Citadel Civilian casualties-elections fall 67 Phu Cat old Caribou Ops July 67 Phu Cat old Bou Ramp Jul 67 Ron Lester, 2nd Lt Sep 67 taken at Khe Sanh
Special Forces Camp Thuong Duc  bou on takeoff (upper right) SF Minh Long Camp, runway, Bou in off-load area

Click on to read Ron Lester article on the crash landing of USAF 61--2403 at Quang Tri 1 (VA1-79) on October 9, 1967

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