U.S. Air Force Caribou  (C7)
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Unknown USAF Caribou landing at Ton Son Nhut AFB in Vietnam in 1967. Joe Morgan took these photos while serving in RVN and his son Martin forwarded them to me.

63-9731 (c/n # 171 (ex-535 TAS) and 63-9734 (ex-536 TAS) at Can Tho in September or October 1972. Note stabilizer caps (535/green & 536/yellow) have been painted out. Believe these were 2 of the last 4 USAF C-7s operating in RVN under the 310 TAS at Tan Son Nhut. The 310th took possession of the last 14 C-7s when the 483rd TAW stood down in May '72. 734 became VNAF "YL". (Douglas Lamerson)

63-9734 (c/n # 175) on taxi to Can Tho ramp. (Douglas Lamerson  10/72)

Caribou 62-4178 (c/n # 119) of the 535th TAS at Cam Ranh Caribou ramp, October 1970 (that's Doug on the right). It became VNAF "PI". Doug would like to know more about how it found its way back to CONUS. (Douglas Lamerson)

Caribou KL443 (c/n # 37) of the 536th TAS at Cam Ranh , October 1970         (Douglas Lamerson)

All the photos on this page were taken by Ken Fillmore, who was a pilot assigned to the 536th Tactical Airlift Sq, at Vung Tau AB, Republic of Vietnam in April 1970 and moved to Cam Ranh Bay AB  in July 1970 until April 1971. Then assigned as a C-7 instructor in the 18th TATS at Dyess AFB, Abilene, Texas

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O Rang, Cambodia. Two yellow tails enroute we think the one in the photo is Caribou KL 169 (c/n 108).  I really don't think this was a planned formation flight! Our first trip in after President Nixon OK'd troops going after Charlie in May 1970.
Tan Son Nhut. This is what's left of the one from the 536th Caribou KL 752 (c/n 211) that either landed short or skidded off the runway at Tan Linh in summer/fall of 1970 I think.  They had hauled it here to Saigon
Caribou KH 384 (c/n 39) over the Mekong River.
Another shot of Caribou KH 384 (c/n 39) over the Mekong River.
Caribou KH 384 (c/n 39) landing at Ca Mau in the very southern part of the country.
Caribou KL 718 (c/n 149) feet wet.
A Caribou from the 536th with the sun on it's tail.
This has got to be one of the great Caribou shots of all time.  Taken by one of my roommates (Hal Butterworth) over the delta.  We had a huge black and white poster made of this and hung in our room at Cam Ranh.
KC 726 (c/n #161) Landed in the pasture to pick up Thai paratroopers.
Four ship at Dyess AFB, Texas during an airshow.  I took it while I was an instructor there in late 1971.

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