U.S. Air Force Caribou  (C-7)

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Called operation "Red Leaf" the U.S. Army transferred 133 CV-2s to the U.S. Air Force. This was completed by December 31, 1966. The Army retained 5 aircraft for support duties.   

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<<< Roy Bell's aircraft — serial number 63-9753 (c/n #213) — from December 1966 until November 1967.  This photo was taken by Roy at Cam Ranh Bay after periodical inspection and a new paint job. This aircraft was lost in a tragic midair collision with an Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter at Camp Evans on 3 October 1968.

>>> First USAF Officer arriving at Can Tho, RVN at the 134th Army Aviation Caribou Company to start the transition - date unknown. (AOCA Archives)

<<< Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam - 1967 (Bob Chenoweth - from the Wayne Mutza Collection)
>>> Airborne radio relay aircraft - 1967 (USAF)
<<< Cam Ranh Bay, South Vietnam - 1971 (Tom Hansen - from the Wayne Mutza Collection)
>>> Aircraft 63-9753 (c/n #213) on its first day down from An Khe. Back in the Air Force! 1967. (Roy Bell)
<<< First weeks at Phu Cat in 1967 — mud runway, mud ramp, mud everything. Note the Army markings still on the aircraft. (Roy Bell)
>>>The first birds into the new Phu Cat, 1967. (Roy Bell)
<<< 62-4146 (c/n # 81) under going maintenance on the Phu Cat ramp. (John Stymerski)
>>> 63-9721 (c/n #153) getting a little work done on the horizontal stabilizer. (John Stymerski)
<<< 61-2391 (c/n # 49) parked in its revetment at Phu Cat. (John Stymerski)
>>> 63-9744 (c/n #196) and others parked on the Caribou ramp on the east side of the runways at Cam Ranh, looking toward the mainland. (John Stymerski)
<<< 62-4190 (c/n #133) snuggled in its cozy revetment at Phu Cat. (John Stymerski)
>>> 62-4144 (c/n #79) at Nha Trang, Sep 1968. (Al Cunliffe)
<<< 60-5441 (c/n #35) "Ruthless Dimple". (Rick Ransdale) 
>>> View of the ARVN troops at Vinh Thanh loading into Caribou  62 - 4160 (c/n #98) and its "KC" tail code. (Bob Payne)

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