U.S. Air Force Caribou  (C7)
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KH 399 (c/n # 59) destroyed by Viet Cong night rocket (122mm rockets) attack on early morning of April 15, 1968 ( David Hadfield Warrant Officer retired. 35th TAS (RAAF) - 483rd TAW (USAF) Royal Australian Air Force.                               Thanks to TSGT Francis A. Bell, USAF Ret. for the update on the type of weapon used in the attack

Earl Gilbert was a MSGT during the transition of the Caribous from the Army to the Air Force.  This collection of photos is from the1966/1967 

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<<< The 537th maintenance dock at Phu Cat, 1967
>>> Another shoot of the maintenance dock
<<< The 537th flight line at Phu Cat, 1967
>>> A Caribou at Phu Cat after a bad landing due to battle damage
<<< An engine failure and prop loss, Phu Cat
>>> Examining the damage (same aircraft as previous photo)
<<< A hit on the POL area across from the 537th maintenance ramp at Phu Cat, 1967
>>> The Caribou docks at Phu Cat, 1966
<<< The 537th maintenance area at Phu Cat.  This is an early shot — note the Army star still on the side of the fuselage.
>>> Earl in front of the 537th maintenance tent at Phu Cat, 1967
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