U.S. Air Force Caribou  (C-7A)
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<<<  C-7A Caribou on short final at Phu Loi AAF, III Corps, (7 nm west of Bien Hoa), April 1971.
>>> One of Mr. DeHavilland's finest on the ramp at Can Tho Airfield, IV Corps, June 1971.


KH-738 (cn # 184)  accident at FSB Tanh Linh airfield, III Corps, (52 nm east of Bien Hoa), February 27, 1971. The unfortunate crew of this 'Bou landed during or right after a late afternoon rainstorm and slid off the side of the slicker than snot, only 60 foot wide, literate runway.  Before they could get back on the runway they hit the culvert at the ramp entrance (right side of picture), and sheared off the left main landing gear. We landed at first light the next morning with a Bien Hoa maintenance recovery team.  Fortunately the only injury was some wounded pride.



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