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62-4171 (cn 110) assigned to the 458th and Hillis Cunliffe was the crew chief from September, 1968 to July, 1969.  These photos were taken during the summer of 1968.  (USAF via Hillis Cunliffe)

62-4171 (cn 110 ) on the ramp of the 358th, based at Cam Ranh Bay in 1969.   (Lee Corfield via Hillis Cunliffe)


Dana Kelly arrived in-country in January 1970 assigned to the  536th at Vung Tau and left in December 1970 as a Major. Having had extensive instructor pilot and flight examiner experience in his previous aircraft, he was steamrolled into the squadron's Stan/Eval position in less than 90 days after his arrival in South East Asia. When the squadron was moved to Cam Ranh Bay, he became the deputy Stan/Eval guy at Wing Headquarters.   (Thanks to Dana for all these great photos)
Taking a practice nap!   On the ramp - Vung Tau Ha Tien South - On Approach Ha Tien South - Short final! Ha Tien South - Ground Offloading Crew
"Window Washer" and Offloading (63-9722) 535th KH738 at Tay Ninh  25th Infantry Division - "Snoopy Airlines" Passenger Terminal at Tay Ninh


63-9744 - At Ha Tien South USO showgirl in C-7 cockpit enroute to a base in the Highlands

Ramp at Gia Ngiah

View from the backbone of a C-7 looking toward the Gia Ngiah runway C-7 tail section remnant at (?) base.  The tail code is KH (535th) Quin Loc - C-7 power up for takeoff

KA - 442 at Quin Loc -  offloading with engines running


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