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Trigana PK-YRO (cn # 24) was destroyed October 10, 2006 at a rough mountain strip/village called Mamit.  There is a 10am wind curfew on this strip (rough, 10-13% slope, undulating, grass/clay)  and its reported these guys took a very gusty tailwind and ran it off into the ditch on landing.
Sad sight, a twisted and destroyed airplane.  The guys are lucky,  the nose gear hydraulic actuator came up into the cockpit between the seats.  It has been heavily stripped and the registration painted over. Thanks again to Chris Bingham for the photos.

Chris Bingham reported that PK YRJ (cn #27) has been sitting in Wamena, Indonesia for months.  The talk around the water cooler here is that a few months ago it ran off the side of the runway in Mulia, which is not a difficult strip (paved) however it is in a one way mountain valley with 10% slope.  Our pilots watched it depart the side of the runway,  damage its gear and had a bic-lighter sized chunk liberated from one starboard prop.  Our guys were consequently stranded at the airport and unable to depart with the runway closed.  This caribou was repaired and flown to Wamena (larger base still in the mountains and remote) with the stricken prop blade!   Who knows what has been dinged inside the engine.
The PK-YRJ sat and was repaired further in Wamena.  They went to start with out properly clearing the hydro locked bottom cylinders and boom.  This was a few months ago and she still sits today.  The odd wrench comes out and I saw them do a jug change about 2 weeks ago

Trigana Air PK-YRJ (cn # 27) at the Jayapura -Sentani Airport, Indonesia on September 17, 2007.  (Titis Budi Rachman)

N6080 (cn# 2) now based at the Legacy Fligh Museum
     <<< N6080 (CN# 2) being stripped from it's olive green paint job to it's current paint.

 >>> N6080 (CN# 2) at the Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg, Idaho  4-19-2023

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