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Newest data is shown in red      December 9, 2006 


<<< N84893 (c/n unknown)  - 1988. (Wayne Mutza collection)
>>> N124DG (cn # 120) at the Miami - Opa Locka Airport, FL on March, 1999             (Ed Groenedijk)
<<< C-GVYZ (c/n #97) Kelowna FlightCraft of Canada in 1983. (Wayne Mutza collection)
>>> EC-GQL (c/n #258) under goes a major rebuild at the BDE facility in Spain (date unknown).  (Bde - Indra, Spain)
<<< 5X-MRS   Shoreham Airport, West Sussex, UK, June 16, 1977      (Paul Robinson)
>>> 5X-AAB  (c/n #222) Uganda  Police new 1/66 crashed 5/76. (Wayne Mutza Collection) 
< << N600NC  (c/n #237) Pen Turbo Aviation  Experimental DHC-4A Turo Caribou with engines (PT6A). 
>>> A front view of N600NC (c/n #237). At Toronto - Lester B. Pearson International (Malton) (YYZ / CYYZ) Canada - Ontario, May 28, 2000. (Darcy Steven)
< <<A BDE Caribou EC-GQM (c/n #289) landing at Cuatro Vientos, Spain. (Bde - Indra, Spain)
>>> A Propair De Havilland DHC-4 Caribou (c/n unknown) at Val-d'Or (YVO / CYVO) Canada - Quebec, August 12, 1981. Photo taken trough the window of Nordair 737 jet and it was raining, you can also see part of a Quebecair One Eleven. (Pierre Langlois)
< <<N800NC (c/n#98) Greatland Air Cargo in Anchorage, AK. Note damage to nose and patch on the fuslage. Sometime after the 3/98 accident when it went through the ice. (Ralph Kunadt)
>>> N800NC (c/n#98) Greatland Air Cargo in Anchorage, AK.on the ramp in 8/99. (Chris Horst)
<<< N6080 (c/n#2)  Environmental Research Institute of Michigan at Ypsilanti , MI airport, 20 March 1997. (Courtesy Lukas Lusser / Bird Publishing) 
>>> N2225C (c/n#215) Greatland Air Cargo taixing at Anchorage, AK. 8/99. (Chris Horst)

N2225C (c/n#215) Greatland Air Cargo landing at Anchorage, AK. 6/18/99. (Courtesy Lukas Lusser / Bird Publishing) 

C-GVYX  (c/n #292)   - painted in a revised Northern Operations colours. Mr Ward's personal aircraft. Proudly; I assisted in the finalchoice of markings. Toronto - Lester B. Pearson International (Malton) (YYZ / CYYZ) Canada - Ontario, May 1981.   (Caz Caswell)
C-GVYX (c/n #292) - the day after delivery to Mr. Ward at the new Wardair hangar. Several months later will see it in Wardair Northern Ops. colours. Toronto - Lester B. Pearson  International (Malton) (YYZ / CYYZ) Canada - Ontario, November 9,  1980    (Caz Caswell)


N112CH (c/n #97) - Owner -Vintage Props and Jets
<<< N112CH (c/n # 97) owned by Vintage Props and Jets out of New Smyrna. At Miami - International (MIA / KMIA) USA - Florida, 1997 - (David Hartman)
>>> N112CH starts her roll for the runway showing the wing configuration which gives the caribou excellent capabilities. Miami - Opa Locka (OPF) USA Florida, 1998  (David Hartman)
<<< N112CH is licsenced under part 135. Hauling cargo for the past two years mainly to the Bahamas. Thanks to Bob Hooker of Vintage Props and Jets (2000).
>>> N112CH will be up for sale in the near future. Thanks to Bob Hooker (2000).
N112CH at New Smyma, FL. Photos from Larry LaVerne 3/6/99.

N112CH (c/n # 97) at Opa Locka, Fl on 9/6/98  (Nicolai Musante)

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