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Caribous mover from Western Internation Aviation to Pima Air Space Museum, Tucson, AZ
The five C-7A previously stored at John Gasho's Western International Aviation site off South Wilmot Road, Tucson, were moved to Pima Air and Space Museum, October 1st, 2020. The remains of YC-7A 57-3081 (cn # 6) can still be seen adjacent Western's southern boundary fence. Apparently, the plan is to return two aircraft to flight, one to display standard, and to use the other two as parts donors. (Vesto Haas). The following aircrafts are (cn# 86) USAF 62-4150, (cn# 124) USAF 621-4182, (cn# 125) USAF 62-4183, (cn# 186) USAF 63-9738 and (cn# 217) USAF 63-9755.
There are photos of the move, were
on the 'Pima Air and Space' facebook page.

N5463 (c/n 119)
While Pierre Roy was working at the Goma airport (Republic of the Congo) for the rehabilitation of the airport, he was surprise to found that this scrap plane in the middle of our study area was a Canadian DHC-4 Caribou N5463 (c/n 119) in March, 2018, This plane, with two other Caribous N544Y (c/n 241 and  9Q-CUB (c/n 212), were in a middle of a scandal in USA and Congo during "Operation Blessing"

  N5463 (cn # 119) was found at Goma a city in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2007 by Colin Laker while he was working there. Note - Still in Union Flights colors and the FAA has the last activity as March 20-2007.   
   A Google shot of the N5463 (c/n 119) at the Goma Airport, Democratic Republic of the Congo (April 7, 2018)

N4365Y (cn # 172) in storage at Blantyre-Chileks, Malhwi , East Africa on October 1, 2009. For sale asking $49,750 USD


>>> N600NC (cn # 237) New Cal Aviation at Denham Airport (EGLD) UK, England  on the way back to the U.S.A. on August 1, 1987. Rich Treqear)


<<< N9984 (cn # 254) Ex-Union Flight at the Tucson - International Airport (TUS/KTUS) Arizona in 1995. (Rich Treqear)

>>> N9014W (cn # 13) at the Tucson - International Airport (TUS/KTUS) Arizona on  October 21, 1991 (Rich Treqear)

<<< Propair - C-CVGW  (cn # 20) at Rouyn-Noranda (YUY/CYUY) Quebec, Canada on July 21, 1984. This aircraft is now a derelict in Salinas, California where it has been rotting away for nearly 20 years. (Alain Rioux)

>>> N3760D  (cn #206) at the Shannon (SNN/EINN) Ireland airport on August 2, 1982. Previous identities were 5H-MRQ, JW9005 of the Tanzanian Air Force and, before that, 5303 with the RCAF. This Caribou was broken up at Shannon after being parked there for several years. (Fergal Goodman)


RP - C2702 (cn # 98) is still for sale in the Philippines.  Last know asking price was $110,00 USDs. Total frame time 15,600 hours with 581 hours on the left engine and 253 on the right one.

RP - C2702 (cn # 98) sitting at Clark airfield, Manila in July, 2007. (Ron Mak)


A couple of photos from 2004

#98  N800NC Now RP-C2702

N800NC (c/n # 98) "Clementine" was flown from Anchorage, Alaska in October, 1999 to Guam via Sitka, Alaska, Florence, Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, Hilo, Hawaii and Tarawa in the Marshall Islands. 


The aircraft is now registered under the name, "Jans' Helicopter Service." (A subsidiary of Hansen Helicopters Inc., the largest tuna helicopters
provider in the pacific.) We originally bought the airplane to haul helicopters in, but are now researching the small but profitable cargo market in this corner of the world.

On 8/2001 it was re-registered in the Philippines under tail # RP-C2702 
Thanks to Roger Anderson one of the pilots who fly her 

<<< "Clementine" and duck painted on side

>>> N800NC flying over Apra harbor, Guam

<<< N800NC flying over "Two lovers point." another tourist spot on this beautiful island of Guam.

>>> N800NC flying over Tumon Bay, Guam.

RP-C2702  (#98) NEW PAINT JOB

Ron Mak was in the Philippines during February & March of 2002, and saw RP-C2702 at Omni Airstrip, that's part of the former Clark A.F.B near Manila, they where busy painting this beauty


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