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<<< EC-GQL (cn # 258)                                                        EC-GQM (cn # 289)  >>>

At the Madrid Cuarto Vientos Airport (LECU) Spain in July, 2006. (3 ex-SpAF Caribou were purchased by private investors to be used as freighter or fire bombers but plans fell through and all three remain stored on a corner.(Javier Rodrigue)   


 <<<  N95NC (cn # 135) seen here been used for paradropping at the Girona - Costa Brava airport in Spain on 7/20/89. (Jordi Grife) 


 5X-AAB (cn # 222) at Basle / Mulhouse - France, between July and October, 1976. (Urs Ruf)



N6080 (cn # 2) at the Detroit Willow Run Airport - Michigan July, 2002. (Senga Butts)


C-GVGW (cn # 107)  at the Salinas Municipal (SNS/KSNS), CA on April 16, 1990.   (Gerard Hunter)


Dennis Newell took these photos in 11/05 from his C-172 taxiing at the Salinas, CA airport.  I think this maybe Caribou (C/N # 23) on the ramp.  It has been there for several years.

Dennis flew over to Salinas Ca. (KSNS) on 6-13-06 to once again visit the derelict Caribou there.  Dennis was able to confirm it was # 107 not #23.  Based on the earlier Canadian registration CGVGW on the left underwing.    He was unable to open the access doors, they are literally rotted closed.  The interior of the aircraft is filled with the flaps and sheet metal parts.  He has never seen a more completely corroded airframe.  In some places the corrosion holes are several feet long.  (Dennis Newell)

Dennis knew he had seen this Caribou in his earlier days at Salinas and finally found a photo he took at least 15 years ago.  So this matches well with the paint scheme you see on her today and she is indeed C-GVGW #107 and not 23..   (Dennis Newell)


PK-YRO (c/n # 24) was sold by Pen Turbo Aviation to Trigana Air Services of Indonesia in January , 2005.  The aircraft departed Cape May, NJ on June 6, 2005. The route was: Bangor, Maine, Goose Bay, Ice Land, Glouchestershire in UK, Malta, Egypt, Oman, Sri Lanka, and arriving in Jakarta on June 23, 2005. The ferry crew will leave it with a Trigana crew in Jakarta, who will fly on to New Guinea.

PK-YRO landing on Malta on June 16, 2005 (Malcolm Bezzina)

Departing Malta on June 17, 2005 heading for Luxor, Egypt (Malcolm Bezzina)


PK-YRO (c/n #24) Stopped for a few days at Gloucestershire, UK Airport while on a delivery flight from Cape May, New Jersey to Jakarta, Indonesia.  Being refueled on June 14, 2005 in preparation for the next leg to Malta. Note the fuel line passing through the cockpit window to fill the two 1300 litre internal ferry tanks. (Martin Pole)

<<< PK-YRO (c/n #24) on the ground at Gloucestershire (Gloucester) - Staverton airport, UK - England, June 9, 2005    (Ian Press)

>>> PK-YRO doing a fly over at the Cape May, NJ airport on 6/6/05 (Jim Hart)


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