Canadian Air Force CC-115 Buffalos
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Canadian Air Force Buffalos, 15 Buffalos were ordered with the designation CC-115 (DeHavilland)

Canadian Air Force (CAF) 442 Squardron

CAF 442 Squadron is responsible for a search and rescue zone that stretches from the the B.C.-Washington border to the arctic, from the Rocky Mountains to 100 miles out in the Pacific Ocean. Although this is by no means the largest SAR area in Canada, it is the busiest. The mild West Coast climate allows year-round opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing, boating and aviation. These are also opportunities for people to get lost. SAR operations are directed by the Rescue Coordination Centre in Esquimalt, which must determine the resources needed for a rescue operation and then task accordingly. Five Buffalo aircraft and 4 Labrador helicopters are used by 442 to assist in these operations. They based at Comox CFB is located on Vancouver Island, 240 kms north of Victoria. My thanks to Rudy Preus who took these photos in March, 2000.

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<<< CAF Buffalo 115457 at Squamish, BC with Andrew McTaggart in the left seat for this training trip, February - 1995. (taken by Doug McTaggart (Andrew's dad))
>>> CAF Buffalo 115451 in the Fall of 1997.  (Andrew McTaggart)

CC-115 Buffalos of the Canadian Air Force now serve in a search and rescue role. The are assigned to the 442 Squadron at CFB Comox on Vancouver Island (CAF).

<<< Buffalo 485 on approach was at the Hamilton Air Show (Chris McDowell)
>>> CAF 115456 at Bromont (ZBM /CZBM) Canada - Quebec, 1993. (Pierre Langlois
<<< CAF 115456 442 Sqdn - Comox, B.C. at Penticton, B.C. Canada - British Columbia, November 2000 (Dave Kirkby) 
>>> CAF Buffalo 115457 of the 442 Sqdn. at CFB Trenton, May 30, 1994 (Jeff Rankin-Lowe-1994)
<<< CAF Buffalo 115453 stored with tail removed at CFB Mountain View, May 1994 (Jeff Rankin-Lowe-1994)
>>> CAF Buffalo 115460 stored with tail removed at CFB Mountain View, May 1994 (Jeff Rankin-Lowe-1994)

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