DeHavilland (DHC-5) Buffalo
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<<< Article from an old Army Aviation Digest on RCAF 5303 (Caribou c/n # 1) used as a test bed for the Buffalo program. The first flight was on September 22, 1961 and the aircraft flow some 300 hours in test status. (Lloyd Morgan)

>>> RCAF 5303 was used as test bed for the Caribou II (DHC-5/Buffalo) program, 1st  flight 9/22/61. It was outfitted with two 2,850 hp GE YT-GE-4 turoprop engines. (Wayne Mutza Collection)


United States Army

<<< The first Army Buffalo (CV-7A) # 63-13686 C/N-1 aircraft lifting off from the deHavilland plant in Canada. The Army ordered four aircraft for evaluation (63-13686 - 63-13689) . Note the aircraft does not have a weather radar dome. (Redstone Army Arsenal)

>>> Army 63-13687 (c/n # 2) on a test flight over Niagara Falls  (U.S. Army)

<<< Army test Buffalo 63-13687 on a test flight.

 >>> 63-13689 (c/n #4) at Cairns AAF, Fort Rucker, Al in April, 1966.    Note the 1st Cav patch and the Playboy bunny.        (Chuck Ross)

<<< 63-13688 (c/n #3) was at Fort Eustis, VA in July or August 1964 for a demonstration.  (Jack Rowland)

>>> 63-13689 (c/n #4) 1st Buffalo at Ft. Benning, GA date unk - Chuck Hadley/AOCA Archives

<<< 63-13689 (c/n # 4) and Caribou 57-3079  (c/n # 5) on US Army Test Board ramp at Fort Rucker, Alabama 4/66.  (Chuck Ross)

>>> Close up of left engine and main gear of 63-13689. In the background is the C-47 that belonged to USABAAR (Later called USAAVS) which crashed a year or two later, killing well-known Army civilian pilot and safety expert Wally Martin along with two others. At Fort Rucker, AL in 4/66/   (Chuck Ross)

<<< Copilot's instrument panel, Buffalo 63-13689. Note the lighted scrolling checklist up on the glareshield and flap position indicator co-located with airspeed indicator. Fort Rucker, Al  4/66.  (Chuck Ross)

>>> Closeup of Buffalo nose art on nose of CV-7 #63-13689 located just aft of static ports. (Chuck Ross)

<<< US ARMY 63-13689 (C/N #3) at Bien Hoa Air Base on November 25, 1965 during its three month test period in Vietnam. This aircraft was attached to 2nd Flight Platoon of the 92nd Aviation Company.  (US Army Photograph)

>>> US ARMY Buffalo aircraft (tail number unknown) at Pleiku, Vietnam in 12/65.(Ed Lemp via Wayne Mutaz Collection)

<<< US ARMY Buffalo 63-13689 (c/n # 4) at Pleiku, Vietnam in 12/65.(Ed Lemp via Wayne Mutaz Collection)

>>> US ARMY Buffalo aircraft in Vietnam (tail number, date and location unknown).   (Jim DeLoach)

>>> One of the two Army Buffalos that were being tested in Vietnam, location unknown, February, 1966    (John Sanford)  



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