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Indian Air Force


U.S. Army loans two Caribous to the India Air Force
Thanks to James Randolph
Capt Harry Miller, a member of the 61st at Bragg, and James Randolph had the pleasure of being selected to accompany the two Indian pilots who were ferrying BM768 (Army 61-2597) and BM769 (Army 61-2599) to India.  The Indian pilots had just completed transition, but were experienced air force pilots.  The birds had Indian markings and the Indians were responsible for all country clearances.  Our job was to ensure they arrived safely.  We also had Dave Fairbanks, DeHavilland test pilot on the Caribou, and Bruce Jacks an A&E expert from DeHavilland on my aircraft (BM769).  Departed Fort Bragg on 26 Dec. 62 and arrived in Delhi 8 Jan. 63.  Should mention that the Indians had relatives in London, so we spent several days there including New Years Eve.  From London it was Paris, Rome, Beirut, Bahrain and Delhi.  Didn't know at the time that the A/C were on loan.  Wonder who flew them back and when?  These aircraft remained with the Indian Air Force.

This photo is from The Hindustan Times, Delhi Edition, New Delhi, India: Thursday, January 10, 1963. The article read " One of two Caribou transport planes which arrived at Palam airport on Wednesday as part of U.S. arms assistance. A demonstration flight by the versatile Canadian built aircraft was watched by, right to left U.S. Brig. Gen. Kelly, Canadian High Commissioner C. A. Ronning and U. S. Ambassador Galbraith" 

In the background is Capt. Randolph and Capt. Miller. India Air Force #BM769 is Army Caribou 61-2599 on loan to the IAF

Capt. Randolph and Capt. Miller with Air Marshall Enginer (Chief of IAF Air Staff) and Avm Nanoa (Deputy Chief of Air Staff)


Indian Air Force used the DHC-4 as a bomber in the 1971 war with Pakistan (Click here to read) thanks to Ajay Mankotia


<<< Ex Ghana Air Force G-401(c/n # 31) with tail number N90567 at the BALAIR hanger in Basle, Switzerland 1/76 for overhaul. Delivered to Indian Air Force as M2169 in 1/79. (Eduard Marmet)   

>>> Ex Ghana Air Force G-406 (c/n # 83) with tail number N90573 at the BALAIR-Hanger in Basle, Switzerland for overhaul, August 13, 1977 before becoming India Air Force M2167. (Eduard Marmet)

<<< Indian Air Force Caribou from the  339 Squadron

>>> Indian Air Force caribou at Adampur AFB, India


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