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 N149HF (62-4149)

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62-4149 was sold to Wally Fiske in 2007

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62-4149 at the Oshkosh - Whitman Regional (OSH/KOSH) Wisconsin on July 28, 2007.  (Steve Homewood)

62-4149 at Marietta-Robbins AFB, Georgia 5-8-04 (Chris Starnes)


62-4149 at the Oshkosh Air Show in 2000.  (Floyd Burks)


These were taken December, 2002 at Tara Field, GA during a work session on  62-4149
L to R: Jerry Rainwater, Ron Warner, Floyd Burks, Gary (Corky) Vollmer. Denny Toaspern, Glen Carr, Bob Schrader, Marty Gaylock, and Larry Livingston. On the ladder John Eggert. (Floyd Burks)
 <<< L to R:Gary Vollmer, Floyd Burks, Ron Warner, Bob Schrader, and Ed Bearden. (Floyd Burks)

>>> 62-4149 up on jacks


<<< Glenn Carr and Floyd Burks in the cargo bay of 62-4149 at the Kansas City Airshow in 2002. (Floyd Burks)  
<<< At an Airshow at Peachtree City in 2000.  (Floyd Burks)

>>> Taking off at KC Airshow, 2002.  (Floyd Burks)


Photo of restored Army 62-4149 (c/n #85) taking in Nashville at the AOCA reunion in Sept. '99 .  Paul Bolam of the AOCA took the photo. Jack Fust is in the pilot's seat, with the regular AAHF pilot, Don Oglesby in the right seat.

62-4149 at the James M. Cox Dayton International Airport, Dayton, Ohio in July 2003. (Tom Turner)
62-4149 at the Kansas City Airshow in August 2002. Good contrast with the C-5.    (Floyd Burks)

<<< 62-4149 on low pass at Tara Field, GA  in 2000 (Floyd Burks)  

62-4149 on demonstration at the Elmira/Corning Airport, New York in July, 2001. (Tom Turner)

62-4149 on display at the Oshkosh Air Show in 2000. (Thanks to Mark S. Daniels/AAFO.COM)

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AAHF Caribou 62-4149 at the Selfridge Airshow held at the Selfridge AFB in Michigan. July 23rd., 2000. Thanks to Brian Vance

<<<  Army Aviation Heritage Foundation's CV-2B, N9249Q at Long Beach, CA,  April - 1999 - Thanks to AAHF
>>> N9249Q strapped down in the warm Georgia sun. Tara Field  USA - Georgia, 1999   (David Hartman)

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