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C/N # 85



N149HF (CV-2B) and C-47 (sn 43-15935) both owned by the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in formation with a C-17 (sn 99-0058) of the 97th AMW/58th AS. at the Thunder on the River 2010 Air Show - Maxwell AFB, Montgomery - March 27, 2010. Thanks to Mike Riffle for this great photo.


Aircraft History

Caribou CV-2B, 62-4149 (c/n #85) entered U. S. Army service with the 61st Aviation Company, Major Marcus Coyle commanding, 18th Airborne Corps. at Ft. Bragg in early 1963.  It participated in field exercises that spring in preparation for deployment to the Republic of South Vietnam in June as part of "Operation Highroad".  On 20 June, 1963, 18 aircraft of the 61st deployed to McGuire AFB, NJ, with the actual ferry flight commencing on 22 June.

The ferry crew for '49:     Flight -  FOXTROT

Aircraft Commander:  Lt. Jess Kennedy
Copilot:   Lt. William Osborn    (sometimes spelled incorrectly 'Osborne' in records)
Copilot:   Capt. Charles Quinn
Crewchief:   Sp/5 Donnie Strickland
Asst. Crewchief:   Pfc   Robert Schrader

U.S. Army CV-2B 1/25/1963 62-4149 Accepted from de Havilland
U.S. Army CV-2B UNK 62-4149 Assigned to  61st Aviation Company
U.S. Army CV-2B 6/20/63 62-4149 Departed Ft. Bragg, NC for Saigon, RVN via the Altantic route arrived 7/4/63 
Air America CV-2B 5/27/64 149 Leased from U.S. Army for operations in Laos
Air America CV-2B 10/64 149 Returned to  U.S. Army 
U.S. Air Force C7A 1/1/67 KL-149 Transferred to USAF- assigned to the 536th Sq.  Tail code "KL"
U.S. Air Force C7A UNK KA-149 Assigned to 457th Sq.  Tail code "KA"
U.S. Air Force C7A 1976 AF61-149 Assigned to 150TAS/170TAG - NJ ANG  Tail code "NJ"
U.S. Air Force C7A 1977 AF 62-149 Assigned to 135TAS/135TAG - MD ANG
U.S. Army C7A 10/80 0-24149 Returned to Army
U.S. Army C7A 1987 0-24149 Assigned to CT National Guard at Groton, CT
U.S. Army  (CT AVCRAD) C7A 9/90 0-24149 CT Aviation Classification Repair Activity Depot
WestAir International DHC-4A 8/2/95 N9249Q Sold to
WestAir International DHC-4A 10/95 N9249Q Registered
PatrickM Murphy DHC-4A 2/98 N9249Q Sold  (Queensland, Australia)
PatrickM Murphy DHC-4A 2/13/98 N9249Q Registered
Catalina Flying Boat, Inc. DHC-4A 9/4/98 N9249Q Sold
Catalina Flying Boat, Inc. DHC-4A 12/15/98 N9249Q Registered
Vanderwall Aircraft LLC. DHC-4A 4/14/99 N9249Q Departed long Beach, CA to El Paso, TX (4+30). Departed El Paso, TX 4/15/99 -(Fuel stop ) Waco, Tx (3+20) landing Meridian, MS (2+20). 4/16/99 departed Meridian, MS - landing Tara Field (Hampron, GA) (3+05)
Vanderwall Aircraft LLC. DHC-4A 7/1/99 N9249Q Sold to Vanderwall Aircraft LLC.
Vanderwall Aircraft LLC. DHC-4A 7/12/99 N9249Q Registered
Vanderwall Aircraft LLC. DHC-4A 8/24/99 N149HF Registered - Leased to Army Aviation Heritage Foundation.   Restored to U.S. Army colors with 61st Aviation Company markings.
Vanderwall Aircraft LLC. DHC-4A 7/7/05 N149HF Damaged by a tornado at Tara Field, Hampton, GA. A 2 ft by 2 ft hole in bottom of the tail, rudder and several bulkheads damaged.
Vanderwall Aircraft LLC. DHC-4A 8/15/05 N149HF Repairs complete
Vanderwall Aircraft LLC. DHC-4A 8/24/05 N149HF Test flight flow, returned to service
Wally Fiske DCH-4A 2007 N149HF Sold
Cavanaugh Flight Museum DHC-4A 7/08 N149HF Based Addison, Texas


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