"DHC-4T" Turbo Caribou

Updated data in red, last updated  April 30, 2017

PEN TURBO Aviation of Cape May, NJ, has undertaken a program to re-engine the DHC-4A Caribou as a result of market demand for turbine powered variant, now designated DHC-4A Turbo Caribou. Both Transport Canada (11/14/00) and Federal Aviation Administration (2/27/01) have issued Supplemental Type Certificates for the Turbo Caribou.                  Check their site out at  www.penturbo.com



N238PT (cn # 238) is the second Caribou to be re-engined in May, 2010

N238PT (cn # 238) on an overnight stop in Malta on April 26, 2017. The aircraft departed April 28 on it's way to Africa on a lease to an unknown company. It's route of flight was  KEF-WICK-LYON-MALTA-HEAL (Malcolm Bezzina)

N238PT (cn # 238) during testing at Cape May, New Jersey in May, 2010. (Jim Hart)

N600NC (cn#237) was sold to ODAC LLC (Rampart Aviation) on June 20, 2014 and is based at Colorado Springs, Colorado
  Taken March, 2016 at the Marana Pinal Air Park (KMZJ), Arizona (thanks to jetphotos.net/n94504)

N600NC (cn # 237) was sold to the Palm Beach Aviation Inc. on August 4, 2008. It is base at Boca Raton, FL and used for sky driving

Taken January, 2010 at the United Nation's ramp at Port A Prince Airport, Haiti. It is flying in support of reliefs in Haiti, operation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

"DHC-4T"  Turbo Caribou outside at Cape may, NJ for a flight test on Oct. 3. 1996  (Joe Handelman )

PEN TURBO were kind enough to fly the aircraft to the Army Otter Caribou Association 2001 reunion Corning, New York on August 3 and 4th for us to inspect. Many thanks to Goby Gobalian, Jim and Jinna Hart of PEN TURBO Aviation.

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