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Miscellaneous Photos
Miscellaneous photos are photos that can not ID the aircraft number or squadron assignement

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A group of Australian military officers about to fly in the DHC demonstrator CF-LVA (c/n # 9) during its oz sales tour in Feb 1960. I particularly like the gentleman with the bullhorn standing in the cockpit doorway. The interior and fittings are also quite different to our aircraft. (Warrant Officer Rod Cairns 38 SQN.)

Air Sea Rescue
Crew briefing prior to a practice Air Sea Rescue Kit (ASRK) drop off Fraser Island north of Brisbane Queensland. The real kit consists of a liferaft, 3 individual stores containers and a second raft all joined to each other by 125 metre long coils of nylon rope. After marking the survivor with smoke markers, the ASRK is dispatched by hand over the ramp. Checklist timings aim to place the 625m long string of rafts/containers in the water with the centre container upwind and in line with the survivor. The whole kit should drift to the survivor. For training purposes, the rafts and containers are simulated using timber blocks of similar weight and dimensions.
The practice ARSK is dispatched by the Flight Crew

<<< Civilian sports parachutists exit during the ADF National Parachuting Championships at Wagga Wagga NSW in 1992

>>> On oxy at 12'000 feet watching mad people jumping from a perfectly serviceable aircraft

<<<A4-179 (cn # 179) at the Richmond Air Base on October 21, 2006.  The airframe is now used as an instructional airframe for loadmaster and crew training. Air deployed pallet configuration. (Dave Sommerville )

>>> A4-179 (cn # 179) is basically a stripped airframe with the wings removed outboard of the engines, the undercarriage replaced by a steal rig and the cockpit stripped of instruments.  the tail has also been removed both rudder fin and elevator plane.  It is parked next to another caribou A4-164 (cn # 140) and the remaining fuselages of two C130E Hercs. At the Richmond Air Base in New South Wales on October 21, 2006. (Dave Sommerville )


Unknown RAAF Caribou on landing approach at RAAF Air Base Richmond Australia - New South Wales,1990 (Glenn Alderton)
<<< RAAF Caribou in flight (Kalam bin Pie)

>>> RAAF Caribou doing a short field landing in the grass next to the runway. (Kalam bin Pie)
Unknown RAAF Caribou on landing approach at RAAF Air Base Richmond Australia - New South Wales,1990 (Glenn Alderton)
<<< A4-191 (cn # 191) taken from the deck of HMS Illustrious off the coast of Australia on September 7,1986. (Brian Johnstone)

>>> A4-191 (cn # 191) dumped on the Eastern side of the airfield next to A4-235. This aircraft served in Vietnam from August 1964 to June 1971. Amberley Airfield, (YAMB) Queenslands on September 26, 2006.
(Craig Murray
<<< A4-235 looking a little worse for wear at RAAF Base Amberley, Australia, February 24, 1999

>>>A4-159 (cn # 159) at the Brisbane Eagle Farm) Airport, Queensland. The fire dump will be the final resting place for this ex RAAF Vietnam Veteran. Seeing active service between July 1968 and June 1971 with 35SQN and later serving with 38SQN.  July 6, 2006 (Craig Murray)

A4-228 (cn # 228) at Bankstown Airport, NSW, Australia on October 4, 1986.  (Brian Johnstone)

This RAAF Caribou had just taken off. The glider had come out of an aerobatic maneuver and had a lot of speed up. It was unplanned, and it nearly caused an accident. The glider as it came out of a downward dive suddenly had this Caribou in front of him doing a slow take off. The glider literally dived underneath the Caribou, at which point the Caribou pulled up steeper in a climb as soon as he saw the glider. I was almost convinced that I was going to see a mid air accident at that point. RAAF Air Base Richmond Australia - New South Wales,1990 (Glenn Alderton)
<<< An RAAF F-111 does a gear up landing at RAAF Amberley airfield in Queensland  with two Caribous in the background on 7-18-06 (Photographer unknown)

>>> A RAAF Caribou landing at Brisbane International (BNE) Australia, December 14, 1999. With a Airlink 146 in the background. (David Knudsen)
<<<  Caribou landing at RAAF Base Richmond. Australia, 1991.  (Glenn Alderton)

>>>   Photo of 3 RAAF Caribous flight to Sydney in close formation.  (Thanks to Kim Flora)
<<< A4-159 (c/n # 159) Attempting a STOL landing at RAAF Air Base Richmond Australia - New South Wales,1991 (Glenn Alderton)

>>> Two Caribous making a low  approach at remote airfield (RAAF)
<<< Wallaby logo above the ramp taken in 1968.  (RAAF collection of Ralph Young)

>>> A4-235 (cn # 235) Still in the place it was 4 years ago at the RAAF Amberley Airfield in Queensland on 7-12-03.  (Glenn Stewart)
<<< A4-159 (cn # 159) This former RAAF Caribou is now used as a fire fighting kit at the Brisbane (Eagle Farm) airport in Queensland, Australia. 7/9/06              (David Bindon)

>>> A4-264 crashed at Camden, NSW - July, 1986 (Wayne Mutza collection)
<<< A4-208  on the ramp in Richmond, Feb. - 87 (Wayne Mutza collection)

>>> A4-275 on the ramp at Richmond, Dec. - 89  (Wayne Mutza collection)
<<< A4-140 on the ramp in Darwin  (1975)  in red cross markings (Wayne Mutza collection)

>>> A4-235 over snow in Tasmania, dated-unknown (Wayne Mutza collection
<<< A4-275  flying off the coast of New South Wales (RAAF)

>>> A4-159 lifting off from a remote airfield (RAAF)
<<< A4-235 flying over the Blue Mountains of New South Wales (RAAF)

>>> A4-208  in camouflage pattern (RAAF) 

<<< A4-147 (RAAF collection of Ralph Young)

>>>  A4-195 in 2/89. (Wayne Mutza collection)
 <<< A4-202 and two Caribous (date and location unknown). (Neal Scheider via Wayne Mutza collection)

 >>> A4-152 in all white scheme for United Nations and Red Cross duty (John Griffiths)

Many thanks to Wal Nelowkin for all the photos of the RAAF's Caribou on this page.  Wal has spent 35 years in the RAAF as an Aeronautical Engineer, and flew in Caribous in Australia and Papua New Guinea (1975) and maintained them in Butterworth Malaysia (1981-82) 

 <<< A4-***The 'No-nose effect' on a taxiing new RAAF Caribou at the 1967 Laverton Airshow. I was panning to catch the landing SP-2H Neptune and cut the Caribou's nose off! I did it again 38 years later. (9-17-67)

 >>> A4-199 Deja Vu. I did it again, 38 years later. The Caribou 'No-nose effect' at the 2005 Avalon Airshow. The Caribou was exiting the Runway as USAF C-17 SN# 3120 was taxiing to the north. While panning on the C-17, I cut the Caribou's nose off (again)! Sorry 2. (3-19-06)

<<< A4-235, A4-164, A4-179 and A4-228 at RAAF base Townsville, Queensland on August 1, 1983

>>> A4-208 in Red Sand Central Australian Desert camouflage taken at the Bi-Centennial Air Show at RAAF Base Richmond, NSW on October 13, 1988.

A4-208 in Red Sand Central Australian Desert camouflage taken at the Canberra Air Pageant on March 13, 1988.  Along with 208 is a Tiger Moth, a Royal Australian Navy Dakota N2-90 and the tail of A4-225.

<<< Unidentified Caribou taken at dusk at the 1997 Avalon Air Show, Victoria on February 21, 1997

>>> A4-225 in flight demonstration in Canberra on March 13, 1988


A4-159 (cn # 159) in yellow/sand/light green and black camouflage. Taken during the Bi-Centennial Air Show at RAAF Base Richmond NSW (new South Wales) on October 13, 1988

A4-299 (cn # 299) at Cooma NSW during the "Snow Opening Air Show" on May 11, 1986.  Cooma is the gateway to the New South Wales Snow Area.

<<< Probably A4-140 at the RAAF Base Laverton Victoria Air Show on September 20, 1964. (Delivered new to the RAAF in March 1964)

>>> A4-152 (cn # 152) in sand/green camouflage at the RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW on August 15, 1984 after a 1.4 hour flight from Canberra

 The scrapped parts of A4-191 and A4-235 at RAAF Base Amberley in Queensland on November 23, 2015. (Martin Edwards)



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