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38 Squadron


 <<< A4-235 (date and location unknown) 

  >>> A4-208 on 3-14-1988 in a tan, desert orange (or desert pink) and black paint scheme (Wal Nelowkin)

<<< Air-Air RAAF Official photo (Photographer Unknown) of A4-285 (opearated by 38 Squadron) probably taken near RAAF Base Richmond NSW.

>>> A4-285 (c/n # 285) of the No 38 Squadron landing at the Avalon International Air Show 2001 in Victoria on 2-17-01
   An RAAF Caribou of the 38 Squadron conducts a para-drop at the 1965 Laverton Air Show

A4- 285  (c/n # 285) of the No 38 Squadron at the Avalon International Air show 2003, March 15-16, 2003 (Wal Nelowkin)

<<< A4-236 (cn # 236) at the Newcastle/Williamtown Airport in NSW, Australia on 9-28-05.  (Darren Mottram)

<<< A4-299 (cn # 299) at the Canberra (Fairbain) CBR/YSCB Australia Capital Territory on August 26, 2006.  (Jeff Gilbert)
<<< Caribou A4-134 (c/n #134) landed short of the runway on 7/1/64 at Naval Air Station Nowra, NSW. Aircraft  w/o. (Wayne Mutza collection)

>>> A4-195 (cn # 195) departing Brisbane airport on 4-12-06 (David Bondon)
A4-199 (cn # 199) at Lilydale, Australia on November 21, 2004 (Rob Van Empel)
<<< A4-299 (cn # 299) at an overnight stop at Mount Isa - YBMA, Australia, September 18, 2006 .  (JB)

>>> A4-264 (c/n # 264) at Karratha, Western Australia,  August, 1985 (David Eyre)
<<< A4-264 in white paint -1976 (Wayne Mutza collection)

>>> A4-236 with 38  Sqn in 2/89. (Wayne Mutza collection)
 A4-228  flying over Brisbane, Queensland (RAAF)
<<<A RAAF Caribou at Brisbane International (BNE) Australia, December 14, 1999.  (David Knudsen)

>>> A4-299 (date & location unknown). (Wayne Mutza collection)
A4-199 (c/n # 199) on display at the '05 Australian International Airshow at Avalon, Victoria on 3-19-05.  (Simon Wride)

 <<< Two Caribous from the 38 Sqn .on a Bi Centennial Fly-by. (Wayne Mutza collection)

  >>> A4-195 landing in camo paint (John Griffiths)
 <<< A4-164 with Australian Military logo below 39 SQN logo ( John Griffiths)

 >>>  A4-299 with 45 years in service. (John Griffiths)


All the photos were provided by Warrant Officer Rod Cairns of the RAAF 38 SQN.
<<< A4-195 (c/n # 195) low level over southern New South Wales during 1990
>>> A4-195 same sortie late afternoon sunlight
A4-235 (c/n # 235) at King Island while escorting 8 CT4A Airtrainers of 1 Flying Training School (1FTS) and a RAAF Museum CAC Winjeel across Bass Strait to Hobart Tasmania for Battle of Britain Day celebrations in 1991. We carried the 1FTS ground crew and spares plus a full Air Sea Rescue Kit in case one of the aircraft had to ditch.
<<<  A4-235 at Maria Island on the east coast of Tasmania, sametrip
>>> A4-225 (c/n # 225) transits the New South Wales mid coast enroute to RAAF Williamtown for fighter evasion training in late 1990. Training involved dealing with simulated attacks by Mirage 111O fighters and Macchi MB326H trainers. The passenger doors are removed for operational reasons. This aircraft now wears the standard green/green/black camouflage scheme.
<<< Lord Howe Island, approximately 300 miles east of Sydney is a refueling stop for many a/c heading to NZ and the Pacific Islands
>>> A4-234 (c/n # 234) at Lord Howe Island enroute to New Zealand 24APR90. The aircraft wears its original dark green colour scheme. The discolouration of the fin is due to a SQN change, 35 SQN's stripe/wallaby fin flash being over painted and replaced by 38 SQN's Enfield emblem

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