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35 Squadron in Vietnam

The RTFV was renamed the 35 Squadron on June 1, 1966. A total of 12 RAAF caribous saw service in Vietnam (A4-140, 152, 159, 171, 173, 179, 185, 191, 193, 208, 210 and 234) of these A4-171, 185 and 193 were written off in Vietnam. They used the call sign "Wallaby Airlines". 

In March, 1971 Australian announced a reduction in it commitment to Vietnam. The 35 Squadron reduced it level of aircraft with 3 Caribous (A4-140, 159, and 191) departing Vietnam on June 1, 1971. On February 19, 1972 the last four Caribous (A4-173, 179, 208, and 234) departed Vung Tau and arrived at the Base Richmond  on February 26, 1972.

In seven and half years service in Vietnam, the RAAF Caribous carried 700,000 passengers and 91 million pounds of freight and mail and flew 79,739 sorties for a total 47,000 hours. JOB WELL DONE



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All photos are from the RAAF collection of Ralph Young
RAAF #A4-210 in Vung Tau during 1966  RAAF C-130 in the background).
A4-210 severed in Vietnam 6/65 - 7/68.
5 RAAF Caribous taxiing for take-off at Vung Tau in 1967. Looking down at other Caribou from the rear door of another in 1967. RAAF A4-191 and other Caribou in 1968. A4-191 was delivered direct to Vietnam in 7/64 served until 7/71.
Vietnam 1968
Vietnam 1968 this Caribou is updated with a new camouflage paint job.
2 Caribous drop off some Australian Army troop in 1969 A4-234 in 1970. A4-234 severed in Vietnam from 5/70 until 2/72.
A4-173 and A4-179 in flight 1970.
Aircraft were delivered directly to Vietnam in 7/64 and left in 2/72.


RAAF Caribou, aircraft number A4-191 (c/n # 191), commonly called a "wallaby" by the USAF Bou drivers, because of  their "wallaby" call sign and the wallaby emblem on the side of the fuselage above the rear cargo door.  Photo taken at Dalat Cam-ly in 1968. (Bryan Waltz)


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