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Tail Logos (Tail Flash) on RAAF DHC-4 (Caribou)

Thanks to John Griffiths, Chas Van Hulsentop and
John Sambrook for their inputs

Last update March 26, 2018

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A4-208 35 SQN in Richmond Base in 1973 A4-199  35 SQN in camo A4-299 on loan to the 3 SQN A4-204 on loan to 79 SQN Caribou assigned to Darwin A4-228 assigned to 2FTS ar RAAF Pearce – called themselves Black Duck Airlines March, 1985

A4-210 on loan to 79 Sqn camo version A4-275 of 35SQN with 35 year tail A4-152 in all white scheme for UN and Red Cross duty with Australian Military Logo. A4-195 38 SQN camo version A4-164 with 38 SQN and Australian military logos A4-299 of 38 SQN with 45 years of service logo.


 38 SQN logo on Camo  All caribous arrived in the overall dark green with Australian Military logo 38 SQN logo on Dark green paint   A4-208 38 SQN in tan, desert orange and black paint scheme    




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