Caribou Models

Newest data outlined in Red (September 4, 2010)

This model is a Hobbycraft 1:72 scale kitset that Simon Beck originally painted in an RCAF s/n: 320 United Nations livery. After obtaining some RMAF Caribou decals however, and being a big fan of the Malaysian Air Force he decided to repaint the same kit.  Matt Olive Drab was the colour used overall with the exhaust pipes being an off silver and the trailing edge flaps being Flat Black.  A clear gloss coat was applied over the matt drab and the decals applied without any hassles. Very little weathering was required except for around the engines. The nose has a counter balanced weight as most tricycle undercarriage models seem to require.

This kitset is based on the RMAF Caribou M21-04 preserved in Kuala Lumpur.     Check out Simon's web site


Tim Bailye of Western Australia scratch built RAAF Caribou A4-173. Constructed 2000, retired 2009 to Esperance Museum as a static model after many flights, including the 2000 Australian National Titles for which it was built, where it  placed seventh in the Stand-off scale class. Engines are GMS 25s.

<<< Tim's Caribou taxiing and lifting off on YouTube (1:21)

>>> Tim's Caribou DHC-4 lands and taxis to pits on YouTube (1:17)


RAAF A4-299 by Eabas



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