Air America Caribous in Southeast Asia

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<<<853 (cn # 52) at Bangkok Don Muang Airport, Thailand  June, 1966

>>> 61-2401 (cn#63) Hard landing at Ban Hong SA, Laos  3-31-66
<<< Caribou 392 (c/n # 50) on loan to the CIA from the USAF on the very south end of the PDJ in Laos, the first day the friendlies got back there. It'd landed OK to drop off food and ammo, then moved off the grass strip when turning around, left main gear down in the dirt, stuck for 2-3 days.  May 1969  (MacAlan Thompson)

>>> Interesting photo  an AC-119K and a natural metal DHC-4 Caribou (ex- Air America N11014 cn # 34) with NVA navy personnel seemingly about to board the Caribou.  The Caribou was reported abandoned on Con Son Island, South Vietnam on April 29, 1975. (I. Toperczer via VNAF Web Site)

<<< N5339Y (c/n # 197) on the ramp at Tan Son Nhut, AFB 1966 (John Agnew)

>>>  61-2401 (c/n # 63) on loan as 401, location date and unkown. (Via Terry Love)
<<< N539Y on the Air America ramp at Tan Son Nhut AFB in 2/67. (Terry Love)

>>> Another shot of N539Y at Tan Son Nhut AFB. Via Terry Love)
<<< N539Y with UH-1B of the 118th Army Aviation Company in 1965, location unknown. (Ellis via Wayne Mutza collection)

>>> 60-5430 (c/n #20) on loan to Air America in 1/68 at Tan Son Nhut Air Base. (Rodger  Fetters - Wayne Mutza collection)
<<< 60-3762 (c/n # 13) on loan to Air America as 762 in USAF camouflage paint with no US markings. (Via Terry Love)

>>> 62-4171 (c/n # 110) on loan to Air America as 171, ran off a landing strip in Laos (repaired and flew again). (Via Terry Love)
<<< 61-2392 (c/n # 50) with 61-2389 (c/n # 46) in background on loan as 392 and 389 at Ban Son Thuong, Laos - 1/9/66. (Via Terry Love)

>>> 61-2393 (c/n # 51) on loan as 393 at Udom AFB, Thailand. Destroyed 2/4/72 at Pha Khao, Laos. (Via Terry Love)
<<< Air America 392 (c/n # 50) at Vientene, Laos parked next to two C-123s of the Royal Lao Air Force. (Via Terry Love)

>>> Laotian soldiers and ground crew member of Air America push a Helio Courier out of the way as an unknown Air American Caribou prepares to take off from a small airstrip in Laos. (Via Terry Love)


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