DeHavilland Caribou II


(From the Army Otter Caribou Association Archive)

                                                                                                                                     Date: 7/30/02

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Cover Tables of Contents Development Milestones Foreword Foreword Continued
Summary Drawings Leading Particulars Short Airstrip Performance Operating Characteristics
Takeoff Landing Mission Flexibility World Flexibility North/South America
Deployment Capability Dirt Operations Utility Cargo Loading Chart I Cargo Loading
Cargo Loading Chart II Cargo Loading Chart III Cargo Loading Chart IV Cargo Loading Chart V Airborne
Troop-Carrying and Supply-Dropping Reliability and Ease of Maintenance Design Characteristics Systems Propulsion Group Landing Gear
Flight Compartment Performance Characteristics Performance Summary Payload - Range Equipment and Weights
STOL Takeoff Distances - To Clear 50 feet STOL Landing Distances - From   50 feet Enroute Climb Caribou - Test Bed Aircraft Back Cover

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