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N326D (cn # 2) on loan to the National Center for Atmospheric Research at Boulder, CO. 1972/73 used in the Lee Wave Observational Program and the National Hail Research Experiment.

NASA 715

N715NA (cn # 2) on display at the Paris Air Show, Le Bourget Airport in June 1983. (Gerard Helmer)

N715NA with flight staff (date/location unknown) (NASA)

N715NA (cn # 2) at RAF Leuchars (St. Andrews) Scotland on June 12, 1983, following it appearance at the Paris Air Show. (Dennis W. Robinson)

N715NA (c/n  # 2) NASA's QSRA in the hangar at the NASA Ames Research Center Mountain View - Moffett Federal Airfield - California, February 1982 . The QSRA was a DHC-5 Buffalo, modified by Boeing by the installation of a new wing. QSRA was used for researching upper surface blowing, which allowed the aircraft to fly at very high lift coefficients. When this picture was taken, the four engines (left over from the Northrop YA-9A program) had been removed. (Davis Lednicer)

>>> NASA 715NA (C-8A) (c/n # 2) at Paris (Le Bourget) airport in June, 1983.        (Mark Carlisle)

<<<NASA 715 (C-8A) (c/n # 2) Quiet Short-Haul Research Aircraft (QSRA)  with four jet engines at Abbotsford Air Show, British Columbia,  Canada - August 1986 (Dave Kirkby)
>>>NASA 715 (c/n # 2) cockpit showing guidance equipment, controls and display. 2/83 (NASA)

QSRA (NASA-715) a modified C-8A during carrier trial onboard Kitty Hawk off San Diego, CA - July 10, 1980 (NASA)

NASA 716


N716NA (C/N # 1) "Bisontennial" as a pun on Bicentennial (1976 was the Bicentennial of the USA). Converted to jet for Augmented Wing research.   At  Moffett Federal Airfield (NAS) Mountain View, California -  October 22, 1976. (Steve Williams

<<< N716NA (C/N # 1) At  Moffett Federal Airfield (NAS) Mountain View, California -  June, 1976. (Derek Day

The C-8A Buffalo Augmentor Wing Jet-STOL research aircraft is a modified version of a high-wing, high-tail, turboprop Buffalo military transport manufactured by DeHavilland, Ltd., of Canada, and designated NASA 716. It is used to study the design and operational characteristics of jet-STOL aircraft using split-flow turbofan engines to provide both propulsive and augmentor wing jet flows for increased powered-lift. (NASA)
<<< Cockpit of NASA 716 (c/n # 1)

>>>  C-CFIU a joint NASA/Canadian Government (c/n # 1) research aircraft at the deHavilland factory at Downsview, Canada in 1983.  (Richard Wemo)

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