Canadian Air Force CC-115 Buffalos
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<<< 115458  (cn # 12), Rand Brown took while with 442.  The stork which was painted on both sides was obviously because a baby was born in flight during a Medevac. Randy think the photo was taken either in 1977 or 1978.

>>> Here is the follow up photo to 458 with the stork.  When painted yellow, the stork was painted in a position similar to WW 2 kill insignia.  The two small black geese were painted on following a trip to Prince Rupert in which we (I was on this trip) hit two Canada geese on take off.  The incident delayed our trip home. (Randy Brown)

<<< 115454 ( cn # 8) doing a STOL take off (date and location unknown)         (via Randy Brown)

>>> 115453 (cn # 7) over Summerside in 1978. (Vic Johnson a CAF photographer via Randy Brown)

<<< 115458 (cn # 12) at Comox in August 1980. It looks like the fighters areMcDonnel CF-101 Voodoos. (Sgt. Larry Belzac CAF photographer via Randy Brown)

>>> 115451 (cn # 5) assigned to the 424th Squadron, Trenton with a CASARA aircraft. (Vic Johnson a CAF photographer via Randy Brown)

<<< A Buffalo Rescue Citation awarded to Sgt. Randy Brown on October 2, 1987.

>>> Buffalo Emergency Information Placard (Randy Brown)

Front and back side of an Canadian Buffalo Aircraft Info Card.

 (Randy Brown)


<<< 115457 (cn # 11) at Fairchild AFB, Spokane  WA on July 29, 2006     (George N Dean)

>>> 115456 (cn # 10) just performed a perfect flight demo and returned to its ramp at Comox  (YQQ/CYQQ) British Columbia, Canada on 8-7-05 (John Yu)

<<< 115465 (cn # 25) A very sharp looking search and rescue bird pays a visit to the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX/KPHX), AZ on 9-25-03.                   (James Richard Covington)

115457 (cn # 11) carrying the Canadian Forces Parachute Team at Detroit - Willow Run Airport, MI on 8-6-06  (Ivan Cholakov)



115457 (cn # 11) This plane carries the Canadian parachute team 'Skyhawks"  at the Detroit - Willow Run (YIP/KYIP), MI on August 4, 2006 (Daniel Compton)

115457 (cn # 11) Canadian Forces Parachute Team's plane during Thunder Over Michigan.  Detroit - Willow Run (YIP/KYIP), MI on 8-5-06  (Daniel Compton)


115452 (cn # 6) The Canadian Forces' Skyhawk's parachute team used the Buffalo at Ottawa - Rockcliffe (YRO / CYRO) Ontario, Canada on July 1, 2006.  (Brian Rutkay)    


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