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7Q-STA (c/n 107) had maintance work done on it in May/June 2018 in Zimbabwe, Africa (Michael Hope)


5Y-OPL (cn # 84)  owned by Trident Aviation crashed at Lookichoggio (LKG/HKLK) Kenya on September 29, 2008 due to a malfunctioning wheel door, the right gear leg could not unfold, forcing the crew to make a 'gear up' landing. Nobody got injured, but the plane was written off.     (Guido Potters)

<<< 5Y-OPL (cn # 84)  is being stripped on October 5, 2008 by owner Trident Aviation.  5Y-TAJ (cn # 108) also owned by Trident Aviation is be worked on to get up and running again at Lookichoggio (LKG/HKLK) Kenya.     (Guido Potters)

>>> Overhead Google map of Buffalo C/N # 102 ex Ethiopian Airlines ET-AHJ, then Ethiopian Air Force # 820 in storeage at the Harar Meda Air Base in Ethiopia. Thanks to Lance Hill for the information.
ET-AHI (Ethiopia Airlines) (cn #101) Crashed during landing Gongar, Ethiopia on November 8, 1988. The main gear wouldn't retract following takeoff and the hydraulic pressure warning light lit, followed by a pressure drop. A flat approach was made with 7deg flaps and the aircraft touched down 400 meters down the runway, rolled 900 meters before veering into a ditch. The nosegear collapsed and a small fire broke out on the right engine. (via Alex Fritel)

<<< 5Y-OPL (cn # 84)  owned by Trident Aviation at Lookichoggio (LKG/HKLK) Kenya on August 28, 2008.           (Guido Potters)

>>> 5Y-OPL (cn # 84) and 5Y-TAJ (cn # 108) owned by Trident Aviation at Lookichoggio (LKG/HKLK) Kenya on August 28, 2008.           (Guido Potters)

5Y-OPL (cn # 84)  owned by Trident Aviation at Lookichoggio (LKG/HKLK) Kenya on June 12, 2008.   Guido Potters)

5Y-SRE (cn # 9)  owned by Sky Relief Ltd at Lookichoggio (LKG/HKLK) Kenya on August 2, 2008.     (Guido Potters)

<<< 5Y-SRD (cn # 7) of Sky Relief (Kenya) Ltd. on duty for the Red cross at  Nairobi (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport) NBO/HKNA on May 14, 2006.  (Konstantin von Wedelstaedt)

>>> 5Y-TAJ  (cn # 108)  This old airstrip in Bahr el Gazal province in South Sudan was originally used in the relief effort "Operation Lifeline Sudan" (OLS). It had become overgrown, but was cleared early in 2004 so flights could land there. The Buffalo appeared out of a blue sky in the morning, picked up a few people, and flew off to Lokichoggio in Kenya.  2/27/04     (Walt Kilroy)

<<<  5Y-TAJ (cn # 108) Taken at Lokichoggia, Kenya, near the border with Sudan, after the Buffalo had arrived from South Sudan. “Loki” is a major operations base for the relief effort there, as witnessed by the Antonov 12 and Hercules in the background.  2/27/04     (Walt Kilroy)

>>> 5Y-TAJ in flight between South Sudan and Lokichoggio in Northern Kenya. The unpressurised Buffalo is quite noisy inside, and the seats have a rather temporary feel to them. These Buffaloes are part of the relief operation, operated by the UN and World Food Program, as southern Sudan recovers from more than 20 years of war.   2/27/04     (Walt Kilroy)

Buffalo 5Y-SRD (c/n 7) used in the Ralph Fiennes movie "The Constant Gardener" based in the book of the same name by John  Le Carre  (Andrew Cliff)
These Buffalo photos were submitted by Andrew Cliff, who was a pilot for SKY RELIEF based out of Nairobi, Kenya, supporting relief flights throughout Africa.     Check their web site at:
 <<< 5Y-SRK (C/N # 3) at on 2-16-05.   (Ruud Leeuw)

                                                                              >>>  5Y-SRD (C/N # 7) at Nairobi-Wilson, Kenya on 2-16-05.   (Ruud Leeuw)

                                                       Check out Ruud's great web site at:

<<< Unknown Buffalo landing at Kabalo, Congo  date unk   (Michel Bonnardeaux)
>>> C-FSKO (c/n # 95) at Glasgow, Scotland on 7/28/94.  (James Gardner)

<<<  Cockpit of unknown Buffalo parked at Manono, Congo   date unk    (Michel Bonnardeaux)

>>> Unknown Buffalo swept up at Kalemie airport (Notice the corn flour all over) date unk   (Michel Bonnardeaux)

<<< 5Y-TEL  (C/N # UNK) Delivering food in Kabalo, Congo  - date unk   (Michel Bonnardeaux)

>>>  5Y-TEL Hand refueling in Kalemie, Congo   -  date unk (Michel Bonnardeaux)

<<< 5Y-TAJ  (C/N # 108)  under contract to the UN delivering food at Manono,  Congo on July 8, 2002.   

>>> 5Y-TAJ (c/n #108) parked at Kalemie airport, Congo - date unk    (Michel Bonnardeaux)

>>> 5Y-SRE (cn # 9)  At the moment the picture was taken, Sky Relief was removing ICRC-titles from the plane. Nairobi - Wilson (West) (WIL/HKNW), Kenya on August 28, 2007. (Guido Potters)

>>> Ethiopian Airlines ET-AHI (CN # 101) crashed on November 8, 1988 while making an emergency landing at Gongar, Ethiopia.  Photo taken by Raimund Stehman on October 19, 2004  





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